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Lisa Mentz


Backed by a B.Des. and over 20 years of professional experience working in design studios and in-house communications departments, I've developed a versatile range of handy skills to carry a design project from inception to completion. I've collaborated with designers, writers, photographers, and even architects and engineers to deliver award winning graphic design that’s clear in its message and on strategy. I take on every project with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to think beyond the obvious design solution. If you're looking for an experienced creative to complement your in-house team, or a flexible freelancer to create something amazing with – let's connect!

I work with my clients to create meaningful and effective visual communication that connects with your audience and delivers results.   

I tackle a variety design challenges – big and small. 

Annual Reports


Advertising + Marketing Pieces


Handbooks + Manuals

Information Graphics

Product Packaging



Display systems + banners

Information graphics + icons

Website design

Publication Design + layout

Logo, Visual identity + systems design 


Photography direction

Conference package design

Print + online newsletters


Design services



I've had the opportunity to work with great clients from various sectors including small and medium sized locally owned companies, to large organizations and municipalities. 

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